Swansea – Friday 7th July 2017

I had a weekend away in Swansea meeting up with friends from different parts of the country and had mentioned my quest to one of them who told me that the Waterstones here was a cinema between 1914 and 1977.  Waterstones restored the building around 2007 and a great job they did of it too.  I would like to visit this one again some time and visit the coffee shop there!

Swansea 07.07.17 (1)

Swansea 07.07.17 (2)

Swansea 07.07.17 (4)

Swansea 07.07.17 (5)

Swansea 07.07.17 (6)

Swansea 07.07.17 (8)

Swansea 07.07.17 (9)

Swansea 07.07.17 (1)

I didn’t buy anything, but one of my friends bought this Sherlock Holmes card game which we played a couple of times that evening.  It was good, and I’m sure it’ll be even better next time when we play it by the correct rules…!

I started reading Spectacles by Sue Perkins on the train to Swansea.  It was a good read – lovely and chatty as you’d expect from Sue.  I hope she writes more.

3 thoughts on “Swansea – Friday 7th July 2017”

  1. My favourite Waterstones in the UK. So close to my hometown. Best plan is to purchase fresh, warm Welsh cakes from a vendor in the nearby market then grab a Mocha and your new book and sit upstairs in the cafe near the window especially on a typically Welsh rainy day. Heaven.


    1. It’s a gorgeous shop – definitely one of my favourites so far. 🙂

      The one in Reading is in an old chapel – but I need to go back as I haven’t been since I started this blog.


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