Cirencester – Saturday 22nd July 2017

We went to Cirencester to meet up with friends.  Ironically we usually meet them in Waterstones, but today we decided to meet at a different venue.  There was time to pop in and take a few quick pictures.

Cirencester 22.07.17 (1)

Cirencester 22.07.17 (4)

Cirencester 22.07.17 (6)

Cirencester 22.07.17 (7)

The loos in this branch used to have some gorgeous drawings of children’s book characters, but sadly, after a refurbishment, they have all gone.   Here’s one from an earlier visit.

Cirencester 22.07.17 (7)

Chesterfield – Sunday 16th July 2017

The last leg of our wonderful trip to Yorkshire saw us stopping at Chesterfield on the way home. 

The Waterstones here is quite small and is situated in a rather soulless shopping centre – but there are some really pretty parts to the town too – we would definitely like to visit here when the market is open.

Chesterfield 16.07.17 (1)

Chesterfield 16.07.17 (2)

Chesterfield 16.07.17 (3)

Chesterfield is famous for the twisted spire on the church of St Mary and All Saints.  The church is pretty inside too!

There is a lovely modern stained glass window, installed in 1984 to commemorate the church’s 750th anniversary.

Chesterfield 16.07.17 (6)


Sheffield – Saturday 15th July 2017

The Waterstones in Sheffield is based in an open pedestrianised shopping centre and is set over two floors.  It has a nice feel inside – modern, light and airy.  

Sheffield 15.07.17 (1)

Sheffield 15.07.17 (4)

I bought a book here – Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, which is a collection of stories by and about inspirational women.  It’s gorgeous!

Sheffield was a bit of a revelation.  We had only been to Meadowhall before our stay here, and the only thing we knew about the city apart from the famous Sheffield Steel was that the film The Full Monty was set there.  It’s a great city and the area we stayed in which includes the Town Hall and Peace Gardens and also The Winter Garden is really lovely with lots of restaurants and bars and well worth a visit. 

Sheffield (3)
Sheffield Winter Garden
Sheffield (5)
The Town Hall and Peace Garden

Currently reading: Cowboy Song: The Authorised Biography of Philip Lynott by Graeme Thomson



Sheffield Meadowhall – Saturday 15th July 2017

I know this is probably a bit sad, but I had never been on a tram before, so I was excited to see them in Sheffield!  We therefore decided to have a trip out to Meadowhall just to go one one.  We hadn’t actually looked to see if there was a Waterstones there (although we thought there probably would be).  In fact, there are two – Park Lane and The Arcade.  Having been to Meadowhall before, and not really wanting to do shopping we just went and photographed them and then got back on the tram and went back to the city!

Park Lane

The Arcade

The tram was wonderful – I wish we had them in the South West!

Sheffield (3)

Buxton Pop-up Store – Friday 14th July 2017

On the next leg of our trip to Sheffield we planned to stop at Eyam, also known as the Plague Village.  We decided to stretch our legs at Buxton on the way.   We walked up to the Opera House and found a pop-up Waterstones which was there as part of the Buxton Festival.  As you can imagine it was very small… and rather cramped! 

Buxton Pop-up store 14.07.17

Buxton Pop-up store 14.07.17 (2)

Buxton Pop-up store 14.07.17 (4)

Buxton Pop-up store 14.07.17 (7)

After leaving Buxton we did indeed stop at Eyam.   We visited the National Trust property and then went into the church.  We didn’t have time to explore the whole village and would like to go back.  The villagers, suffering from an outbreak of plague, took the decision to quarantine themselves to stop the plague from spreading.  Their selfless actions meant that they achieved their aim of containing the disease, but at the end of the outbreak the population had shrunk from 350 to 83.  More people died in Eyam than in the whole of London.

Huddersfield – Friday 14th July 2017

After leaving Bradford we stopped in Huddersfield for breakfast – a very nice bacon and egg roll – or as the Huddersfieldians call it, a teacake!  I asked what they call what we would call a teacake and they said “a current teacake” – so that clears that up then! 

Huddersfield was much bigger than we expected.  Wikipedia tells me that it’s the 11th largest town in the UK. One of Huddersfield’s most famous sons was The Right Honourable The Lord Wilson of Rievaulx KG OBE PC FRS FSS (better known as Harold Wilson) who was Britain’s Prime Minister and served in that office twice.  There is a statue in his honour in front of the town’s railway station.

Huddersfield 14.07.17 (4)

The Waterstone’s in Huddersfield is a small shop in a rather bland shopping centre, but at least it was busy with shoppers. The Waterstones was rather quiet though.

Huddersfield 14.07.17 (5)

I actually bought a book today!  My family usually buy me Waterstones gift cards for birthdays and Christmases so I used some of it to buy Winnie The Pooh: The Best Bear in the World, which was brought out last year to celebrate Pooh’s 90th birthday. Gotta love Winnie the Pooh!

Huddersfield 14.07.17 (6)

Leeds – Thursday 13th July 2017

Our holiday continued with a visit to Leeds by train from Bradford. We visited Leeds in 2012 but didn’t really explore the city in depth.  This time we did quite a bit of walking – the art gallery we wanted to go into was closed for refurbishment, but as the weather was so lovely we decided to stay mostly outside.  We visited the wonderful Kirkgate Market (it recently featured on the news as one of the stalls was selling an item of pork that might be more suited to a bush-tucker trial…) and also the Marks and Spencer Archive which is free and well worth a visit.  It’s a little way out of the town, being situated in part of the University campus, but very interesting and worth the walk.

The Waterstones in Leeds is a large store set over three floors and according to their website is Yorkshire’s largest book shop.  I left Peter having a coffee here whilst I went to snap some shots and buy some postcards.  I know it’s a bit old-fashioned now but I love sending them! 

Leeds 13.07.17 (3)

Leeds 13.07.17 (1)

The photographs below are from the County Arcade in the Victoria Quarter and the Kirkgate Market.



Manchester Deansgate – Wednesday 12th July 2017

The second store in Manchester is much larger than the one in the Arndale – and much grander!   The store’s website informs me that Deansgate is “the biggest bookshop in the North of England”.  It has rooms off the main building with sign-boards above the door and stocks over 80,000 books!  I particularly loved the colourful children’s department and the funky cafe (sadly no time for a cuppa). 

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (1)
Side View
Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (18)
Manchster Deansgate 12.07.17 (17)

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (22)

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (25)
Children’s Department (isn’t it funky?!)
Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (29)
The Cafe’s quite funky too!

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (30)

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (31)

We were going to have a meal in the Printworks which is, as the name suggests, the site of a former newspaper publisher, but as our friend couldn’t make it we went back to our hotel.   It’s an area we love though, so here’s a photo from our visit in 2014!


Manchester Arndale – 12th July 2017

We went to Manchester to meet up with a friend for dinner.  Unfortunately she was poorly, but it did give us the opportunity to snap the two Waterstones in the city!  This one is in the Arndale Shopping Centre

Manchester Arndale 12.07.17 (1)

Manchester Arndale 12.07.17 (4)

Manchester Arndale 12.07.17 (5)

Manchester Arndale 12.07.17 (1)

On our way to Manchester we visited the World Heritage Site of Saltaire. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in this part of the world.  Businessman Titus Salt purchased land to move his five factories and build a village for his workers to live in.  Completed in 1851 the village was designed with the health and welfare of his staff in mind. Nowadays the mill building houses a David Hockney exhibition and several shops plus a cafe.  Although not a Waterstones, I did buy a copy of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens to add to my collection from the book shop there!


We also stopped at the Baitings Reservoir near Sowerby Bridge where we walked across the dam.  A great spot for a picnic!

Baitings Dam

We continued listening to The Lewis Man by Peter May on audio book in the car and I started reading Cowboy Song: The Authorised Biography of Philip Lynott by Graeme Thomson

Bradford Pop-up Store – Sunday 9th July 2017

We arrived in Bradford during the last couple of hours of their Literature Festival – quite by chance we stumbled upon a pop-up Waterstones.  It was a beautiful day and the City Park (definitely worth a visit) was packed with people enjoying the sunshine by splashing in the Mirror Pool!

The outside of the pop-up shop was covered with book quotes from authors including William Goldman, J M Barrie, Neil Gaiman, P L Travers, C S Lewis and J B Priestley to name but a few.  The inside was very hot!

Bradford pop-up 09.07.17 (1)

Bradford pop-up 09.07.17 (6)

Bradford pop-up 09.07.17 (8)

Obviously this pop-up store isn’t there any more, but it’s worth visiting the park anyway!

Bradford pop-up 09.07.17 (1)