Yeovil – Saturday 19th August 2017

Yeovil is a small town in south west Somerset – only about 30 miles from our house but not somewhere we tend to visit these days – there isn’t a great deal there that we can’t get closer to home. I used to visit more in the 1990s when my mother-in-law and sister-in-law lived nearby.   The Waterstones here used to be an Ottakers.  I miss Ottakers!

Yeovil 19.08.17 (3)

Yeovil 19.08.17 (7)

I keep forgetting to write what I was reading at the time. On this day I was reading Hot Milk by Deborah Levy in paperback and The Misses Mallet by E H Young on Kindle.

Cardiff – Saturday 12th August 2017

My friend Tracy (ironically from Aberdeen – some 500+ miles away from the city!) told me that the Poppy Exhibition that is travelling round the UK would be in Cardiff Bay during August and September, so we decided to head to Cardiff for a visit.

The Waterstones here is in the city centre and set over two floors.  It has a lovely cafe upstairs – the Welsh cakes (well, when in Wales…) are delicious! Cardiff is a great city – lots of lovely arcades, and of course, its very own castle!

Cardiff 12.08.17 (1 )

The illustrator Chris Riddell has drawn a picture on the wall of the landing on the stairs!

Cardiff s 12.08.17 (6)

Cardiff 12.08.17 (19)

After leaving the city centre we went to Cardiff Bay to see the Poppies which were stunning. They were on the side of the Welsh Assembly building.  Cardiff Bay is gorgeous – a definite must when visiting the city.

Cardiff x 12.08.17 (5)
The Welsh Assembly

Bristol The Galleries – Saturday 5th August 2017

Bristol is one of our closest cities so we often visit this branch of Waterstones (they do the best carrot cake in the world!). Bristol is a fab city (the 10th largest in the UK) – the Waterstones here is in a shopping centre called The Galleries, which opened in 1991.  It is rather dated now, but seemed like the height of sophistication at the time!!

Bristol 05.08.17 (1)
Entrance on Union Street
Bristol 05.08.17 (2)
Entrance inside The Galleries

We visited a couple of secondhand bookshops in St Nicholas’ Market on this trip – it’s a great market with loads of stalls inside and out (including lots of food stands) and definitely worth a visit.  

Bristol 05.08.17 26 (26)

Petersfield – Sunday 30th July 2017

Our final stop of the weekend saw us visiting Waterstones at Petersfield in Hampshire where we had decided to stop for a late lunch.  Petersfield is a very pretty town.  Sadly, being a Sunday we arrived shortly before closing time so we only had time to visit the shop and then find a pub for lunch.

Petersfield 30.07.17 (1)

Petersfield 30.07.17 (3)

Petersfield 30.07.17 (5)

Petersfield 30.07.17 (5)

I have been forgetting to post what I was reading – on this occasion we were listening to Call for the Dead by John le Carré, the first of his books to feature the character George Smiley.  Despite it obviously being dated it was a good yarn!

Haywards Heath – Sunday 30th July 2017

After leaving Tunbridge Wells our route took us past Haywards Heath.  I haven’t visited this town before, but we didn’t stop to look round as we still had around 130 miles of non-motorway journey ahead of us and knew we’d need to stop to eat!  The store here is on a fairly busy main road.  If we’re ever in the area again we may stop to explore further.  I like to look round places when we’re on a Waterstones quest!

Haywards Heath 30.07.17 (1)

Haywards Heath 30.07.17 (3)

Haywards Heath 30.07.17 (4)

Tunbridge Wells – Sunday 30th July 2017

The day after the wedding we decided to drive from Kent to Somerset without using motorways!  Our route saw us passing through Tunbridge Wells, so naturally we made a quick stop to visit the Waterstones.

It’s at the bottom of this lovely little town (we’ve visited before so didn’t stop on this occasion) but in rather a drab building. Still, it’s what’s inside that counts! 

Tunbridge Wells 30.07.17 (1)

Tunbridge Wells 30.07.17 (3)

Tunbridge Wells 30.07.17 (4)

Tunbridge Wells 30.07.17 (5)

If you’re ever in Tunbridge Wells (technically Royal Tunbridge Wells!), do try to pop into the Wetherspoons there – it’s in an old opera house and they still hold an opera there once a year.  The building is beautiful, inside and out (these photos taken on a previous visit to the town in 2015).

Redhill – Saturday 29th July 2017

Next up was Redhill.   We didn’t have any time to explore the town – we just nipped into The Belfry Shopping Centre where Waterstones is based.  The shopping centre is pretty soulless, but the shop has a nice feel about it.  

Redhill 29.07.17 (1)

Redhill 29.07.17 (3)

Redhill 29.07.17 (5)

Redhill 29.07.17 (6)

Redhill 29.07.17 (7)

I don’t really have any more to say about Redhill.  We may visit again some time, but it seems unlikely.